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Workout Routines created by
Carolyne Marquez, IFBB Pro


Phone Case

Need Help with 
Workouts and Exercises?

Text Carolyne Marquez

Looking for a Diet Plan?

30 day Custom Meal Plan based on food preferences. Calories and Macros calculated to achieve your Goals. Constant Doctor specialized in Nutrition communication throughout the plan.

What is Fit Martians Candy?

Handcrafted hard candy containing Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Spirulina and Organic Lemon powder, hiding the taste of vinegar on the sweets while keeping all amazing benefits.  

Media Gallery

New Lemon Flavor
Fit Martians Candy
2 pack
Carolyne Marquez Fit Martians
2 pack

"The Sky was the Limit, until

we reached the Galaxy".

-Carolyne Marquez

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