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 30 day Custom Meal Plan based on food preferences. Calories and Macros calculated to achieve your Goals. Constant guidance communication throughout the plan.

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30 day Custom Diet Plan

Custom Diet Meal Plan, separated week by week over 30 days. (May take up to 24hrs to create your custom Meal Plan)

 Communication & Guidance 

Constant communication through text and emails with Doctors specialized in Nutrition to ensure your diet plan journey is followed the right way. The Doctor will be available to answer any questions from 9am-6pm(EST- time) Monday-Friday throughout the 30 day Meal Plan Program. 

Initial Consultation 

Custom Diet Program includes 15 minutes initial consultation with the Doctor (optional) Zoom Call. The Doctor will go over general health questions to maximize goal results.

Personalized Meal Plan

Doctors in nutrition specialist will calculate your Calories and Macros to make sure you successfully achieve your desire goals, all based on your food preferences. 


Access to Carolyne Fit Challenge Workout programs and blog included.

Custom Diet Plan Program $499

What Our Clients Say


Brandon P

I already knew a lot about nutrition and I have transformed my body over the years but I wanted guidance to achieve my true goal and be able to compete professionally. I just love the nutritionist communication with this service. I'm able to ask questions whenever I have doubts and they always answer promptly. I really recommend this if  you are beginner or just looking for that extra mile like me.

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